You are a brand

Each and every one of us hears the biggest brand stories everyday. Most of us think that a brand can only be held by a big company, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, HBOGO, BMW, Audi, Toyota etc. 

We can continue exposing some more of the biggest brands there are, but we’re going to stop, because like those said above, we are a brand, as well.

Like the business you own, your wife, your car, the last meal you brought, these are all brands in their own unique way.

How come?

A brand is a feeling you get when you talk or think about something. It can be a name, a simple thought or a passing sensation. Each time you hear a name, your mind releases a series of associations, which enables you to build a complex image of the subject in discussion.

A brand is a promise, an expectation. Therefore, it is our guide in those moments when we have to make a decision. It helps us to focus on what matters when we choose a product or a service.

These being said, your face is a logo, the way you dress is your visual identity and your character and personality are what’s making you a brand. In other words, you are a brand in the eyes of the community.

Based on what we’ve learned along the way, we build strong brands that promise, deliver and continue to interact with the targeted audience; all from creating the brand strategy, to visual identity and tone of voice.

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